Premises Liability

Did you fall on someone’s property?

One of the most prevalent myths people believe is that if they are injured on someone’s property, the property owner is automatically liable for injuries and medical expenses.  Actually, premises liability law in Colorado is quite complex.  Landowners are very strictly defined by both statute and caselaw, and how you may recover depends on whether you are considered to be conducting business on the property or simply visiting a friend.  Oftentimes, the injured is promised that his or her medical bills would be taken care of, only to receive a letter later on that the property owner is denying all fault.  Because of the difficulty of this type of cases, many law firms will turn you away as soon as you tell them you have a premises liability claim – not us.

At Pribila, Aquino & Fields, we do not dabble in different areas of the law.  We dedicate our practice exclusively to handling personal injury claims and personal injury litigation. If you have been injured by the careless conduct of another driver, it is important that you contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in our firm.  Rest assured, all of our lawyers have personal injury trial experience and are willing to try your case if necessary to obtain fair compensation. 

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