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At Pribila, Aquino and Fields, the client’s interests – your interests – are paramount.  Simply put, our goal is nothing less than to fight for what is fair and for the compensation that you deserve.  We pride ourselves in being a DIFFERENT kind of law firm.

We don’t increase our fees if your case requires a trial or appeal.

We return phone calls in a prompt fashion and never leave you in the dark about what is going on in your case.

Our lawyers – not just the staff – are accessible to you if you have questions or concerns during the life of your case.

We recognize that sometimes, it is best for a client not to settle and that trial is necessary – we have the experience, resources and willingness to take your case to trial.

Questions You May Have

I was just in an accident. When should I meet with a lawyer?

Sooner rather than later.  It is important to seek legal advice earlier in the process.  An early meeting with a lawyer will enable you to fully understand insurance available to you and medical options that exist for your condition.  With that being said, your health and recovery following an accident should come first and is most important.  If you are experiencing pain and other symptoms after an accident, your obvious, most immediate priority should be seeking appropriate medical care.

Does it cost anything to meet you?

No.  The initial consultation visit does not cost you anything.  In fact, although always the choice of the client, we almost exclusively handle client cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fee is paid from either settlement proceeds or a jury verdict.  During your initial visit, you would meet with a lawyer who will be handling your case from start to finish.  During the initial visit, the lawyer will ask numerous questions about the incident, background questions, questions about your injuries and the medical care you are receiving for those injuries.  During the meeting, the attorney will explain the claim and court process, explain and explore insurance available, outline issues that exist in your case and discuss medical options available to you.  You can then decide what you would like to do.

Why is it important to call my own insurance company after an accident? Shouldn’t the at-fault driver’s carrier be paying for my treatment?

In Colorado, the insurance company of the at-fault driver is not obligated to pay for medical expenses as you treat.  Your own automobile policy with your insurance company may have coverage that can pay for these expenses as you incur them.  This coverage is called medical payments coverage.  Insurance carriers doing business in Colorado must offer the coverage.  If your insurance claims you do not have medical pay coverage, please understand that you must reject medical pay coverage in writing after that coverage has been fully explained.  We will help guide you through what coverage may be available to you to help pay for treatment and obtain that coverage for you.  In almost all cases, making a claim for benefits from your own policy will not raise your premiums or cause you to lose coverage.

What should I bring with me for the first consultation visit?
  1. Any documents you have related to the accident or incident (police report, exchange of information forms)
  2. Any photographs of the accident or your injuries
  3. A copy of your policy with your auto insurance carrier
  4. Information about medical providers you have seen so far
  5. Any letters or notes to and from any insurance carriers
  6. Your health insurance card
How long does the process normally take?

This widely varies from case to case.  It is extremely important that you understand the full extent of your injuries, damages and losses before accepting a settlement with an insurance carrier.  This is because by settling, you will most likely have to sign a contract that waives any further right to make a claim or to receive any other compensation.  Sometimes, cases settle without requiring litigation (meaning court involvement); sometimes however, litigation is necessary and the process takes longer.  Our firm prides itself on obtaining the full value of your claim whether by settlement, trial or appeal.  We will do whatever is required to obtain compensation for you.

Have you been in a car accident?

Did you fall on someone’s property?

Were you attacked by a dog?

Has an insurance company treated you unfairly?

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